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Seasonal:Fall Plants

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Mums come in two varieties—Hardy mums (which are annuals) and Perennial mums (which come back year after year and more beautiful with each passing season). Johnson's Gardens sells Perennial mums from spring through fall frosts. Hardy mums we only sell in the fall. The fall garden can offer all the flower shapes from all the summer blooms we love so much from just one plant, the chrysanthemum. Hundreds of hardy cultivars provide an array of colors and bloom shapes, making mums the divas of the autumn garden. The blooms last for weeks, not days, and the sheer number of flowers per plant will convince anyone that this flower really likes to show off. Add the mum's impressionistic abilities to its longevity, and you have a plant that pulls its weight in the garden.

Chrysanthemum (Asteraceae)


Hardy Mums & Perennial Mums


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Sub-Zero® Pansies

Sub Zero® Pansies are great because they will bloom all fall. Pansies grow best in rich, moist, well-drained soil high in organic matter. Avoid wind-swept/exposed locations and DO NOT place them where they are exposed to road salt or standing water. These pansies combine well with our ornamental cabbage, kale, mums, and ornamental grasses.

Sub-Zero® Pansies Display

Sub Sero Pansies

Sub-Zero® Pansies Display

Sub Zero Pansies

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Fall bulbs provide spring growth/blooms and must be planted in fall. The good news is that planting flower bulbs is fast, easy, and nearly foolproof. One reason fall bulbs are so beloved of both beginner and master gardeners is that, with so few issues to consider, gardeners can put all their effort into the fun part of gardening—design. Johnson's Gardens carries many bulbs such as daffodil, crocus, tulip, scilla, and ornamental onions. We also have garlic. Note: Daffodils and alliums are deer resistant!

Allium (Amaryllidaceae)
Iris (Iridaceae)

Fall Bulbs

Tulip (Liliaceae)
Daffodil (Amaryllidaceae)



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And even more including:

  • Pie and Heirloom Pumpkin
  • Ornamental Cabbage & Kale
  • Viola
  • Corn Shocks
  • Ornamental Pepper
  • Straw Bale
  • Swiss Chard
  • Gourds




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