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Pest & Insect Control

Organic garden pest control is safe and easy when you use these natural, biological and non-toxic solutions.

Johnson's Gardens is proud to offer the highest quality, organic pest and insect control products from Bonide, Espoma, and Bayer. We invite you to shop with us for a diverse selection of pest control products. Our knowledgeable staff will help you identify the pest or disease, then they will prescribe an appropriate course of action.

Plant Problems? Visit Our Diagnostic Center

Pest Control Diagnostic CenterJohnson's Gardens is putting your plant problems under the microscope. We have a diagnostic tool to help you step through diagnosing a plant problem. Insect, disease, weeds; solve them all at Johnson's Gardens new Diagnostic Center.

Just bring in an infected leaf or branch, and we'll place it under our digital microscope.

Seeing the problem (even microscopic pests and diseases) up close on the monitor allows us to prescribe the most appropriate control.


Pest and Insect ControlOrganic Pest Control

Pest control doesn't have to use harsh chemicals. Organic pest control is less expensive than buying and applying pesticides, and it's safer for your garden, your family, the natural wildlife and the environment. Here is what we use stock for natural garden pest control:

  • Bonide

  • Espoma

  • Bayer name a few!

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