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Birdwatching & Wildlife Products

Johnson's Gardens carries a wide variety of birdwatching and wild life products. Attract your fluttering friends with bird and suet feeders, bird baths and bird houses. We also offers books and guides for bird identification and learning more about your local avian community. Birding and backyard habitat products are popular and can improve the aetheics of your landscape and garden. We love discussing birds. Feel free to stop in and chat with us about your wild winged friends or ask for suggestions.

Bird Feeders

Bird & Suet Feeders

Birds need to eat. We carry bird feeders that are built with quality materials that keep birds safe, protected and well-nourished. Purchasing a hopper or platform feeder with a removeable seed tray provides excellent drainage to keep the seed dry and makes it easy to keep the feeders clean. Be a part of keeping your feathered friends healthy by keeping your feeding stations clean. Only the best for the birds you love.

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Bird Baths

Bird Baths

Birds need water. We offer you choices when it comes to bird baths. We sell acrylic bird baths, available in clear, red and yellow in a hanging and pole-mount version. We also have beautiful hand-painted clay pottery bird baths. May of our bird baths come with or without drippers. Drippers provide a fresh supply of water to your bird bath by hooking directly to an outside faucet.

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Bird Houses

Bird Houses

Birds need shelter. Johnson's Gardens sells functional, high quality bird houses. We offer houses that produce the most healthy fledglings and make it easy for you to clean the houses. Predator guards, ventilation and drainage are all important in the design of the bird houses we sell. We also have bird houses with viewing windows, which lets you look at bird eggs and young birds without disturbing them. 

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